Platform Basket at Intermat 2018

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INTERMAT 2018 will be an important showroom for Platform Basket to display the new range of medium and high tracked access platforms.
Platform Basket is very much focused for some years developing new models in the above mentioned range in order to offer a wider SPIDERS proposal.
The coming show will be the opportunity for PB to display all together SPIDER 33.15 (33m W.H.) one of the best performing machine today available in the market; the SPIDER 27.14(27m W.H.) the latest development and the narrowest machine offered today in the market.
SPIDER 27.14 is a double pantograph with jib, 10 m. up & over clearance, vertical lifting of the basket, raising up to 10 m like a scissor-lift and with a maximum height of 27 m work and a total weight of only 5.000 kg. The new SPIDER 27.14 offers an outreach of 14,4 m with an operator into the basket (136 Kg) and 12,7 m with 230 kg basket capacity.
The Most compact 27m tracked-lift with only 890mm of width, with an hydraulic operated undercarriage, that enables to pass through a single door 3,5” wide. When tracks are in wider position the stability of the machine when off-road is guarantee in any uneven ground situation. All features that meet the continuous demand of the market that wants to access platforms as compact and light as possible, but with very high performances.
Beside of these two models the new SPIDER 30T (30m of W.H.) the telescopic boom model super-light in weight, recently presented and now available in its final “dress”.
Spider 30 T proposed today has a width of only 890mm and an enviable weight of 4300kg. To make the platform even more compact for vehicle transport, a full jib folding system makes it possible to fold the basket-mounted machine in less than 6.5 m.
The spider, thus conceived, has no external devices on the telescopic arm, which makes it also extremely safe in case of eventual shocks and, therefore, highly suitable for pruning.
Spider 30 T also offer all the technology developed by Platform Basket over the years, including a movement and stabilization radio control system, with automatic stabilization, double proportional speed control offering precision manoeuvring, positioning and speed on difficult and sloping terrain, the same control systems in the basket with simultaneous and proportional movements, make it agile in reaching work heights, automatic transport gauge and display with on-board diagnostics that guides the user in immediately identifying any faults.
Platform Basket has always focused its development on making even medium to large equipment easy to use, perfectly automatically controlled and, therefore, easy to rent without an operator.
The aim of the Company is now a wider range market proposal in any SPIDER working height and all conceived with similar and intuitive operating controls , essential for the Company to better approach to the big rental Companies.

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