SIFER 2019

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Platform Basket will be amongst the exhibitors at SIFER, the important fair for the railway sector which will be held at Lille (France) from 26 to 28 March 2019.
Outstanding protagonist of the Reggio Emilia company will be the RR 14 EVO 3 platform, in the four steerable wheels version, with TIER V motor and hydrostatic transmission.
RR 14 EVO 3 is the latest product of the Platform Basket railway division and is the result of restyling of the RR 14 EVO, one of the pearls of Platform Basket production. This is an aerial platform completely designed and built by the Italian company, able to operate both off road and on the tracks.
Particularly suitable for the maintenance of railway electric lines and lighting, it can reach up to a 14-metre working height.
RR14 EVO 3 has the same dimensions and footprint of the RR14 EVO but is also equipped with four steerable wheels with the possibility of selecting a crabbing movement (diagonal to the side), with reduced double radius steering with the aim of improving access to, and egress from, the tracks over all ground conditions.
The platform has as accessories a display for diagnostics positioned either on the controls of the cradle or on the ground, rapid couplings for powering equipment and services, an included diesel tank increased to 55 litres, and is prepared for assembly of a narrow gauge axle and an earthing pole.
Furthermore, its speed has been increased up to 19 k per hour.
RR14EVO 3 has a number of available options such as multi-gauge and a remote diagnostics system.

It is equipped with a latest generation EU Stage V motor with DPF incorporated for lowering emission levels, with 42kW of power for greater performance.
Staying with the concept of emissions, RR 14 EVO 3 is now offered, on request, equipped with a lithium battery system which allows for it being used under internal conditions such as tunnels, underground railways and trams in city centres.
The choice of this new type of energy provision carries with it benefits other than the obvious environmental advantages.
Above all, it reduces the volume of the battery pack because lithium batteries have a two-fold greater autonomy for the same volume of space occupied by lead batteries and, furthermore, it weighs three times less per unit of energy, thus significantly reducing the overall weight of the platform.
Lithium battery life is, furthermore, five times greater than for lead batteries and does not require periodic maintenance.
Moreover, lithium power allows for use in any environment: The absence of gas emissions which is on the other hand a factor for lead batteries during recharging and discharging phases, allows for recharging the platform at any point of the establishment.
Even noise pollution is notably reduced.
Furthermore, thanks to its heightened efficiency, up to 25% more compared with lead batteries, the lithium solution offers a notable energy saving and reduces the emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

The Platform Basket staff is looking forward to meeting you at stand No. 2/261.

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