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RR 14 EVO 3

Rail Road Access Platforms

Working height 14,40 m

Max side outreach 9,30 m

RR 14 EVO 3 gets the same dimensions of RR 14 EVO 2, but it is equipped with 4 wheels steering and the possibility to select 3 different ways of steering: in diagonal (called it “crab”), doubled steering but with reduced ray and simple single steering.
The new version is provided with 2 displays for the diagnostic, one fitted in the ground’s control panel and one on the basket. It gets quick couplings in order to supply hydraulic tools or services, an enhanced fuel tank of 55 lt and it is prearranged for fitting the axle for narrow gauge and for fitting the measuring pantograph.
The translation’s speed is increased: on tracks, thanks to the improved hydraulic circuit, it is possible to reach 19 km/h.
RR 14 EVO 3 offers several options, as the insulation systems for the steel wheels, the multiple railway gauge and the pantograph for measuring and for grounding.
PB technical staff has designed and realized a pantograph provided with a very sensible encoder in order to measure the distance between the head of the track and the overhead cables. The pantograph gets a graduated blade for reading the vertical deviations of the cables (with a range of +550 mm), guaranteeing either an excellent grounding system.
The dimensions of the pantograph during transportation are very reduced: we are speaking about only 3 meters as total height.
The new measuring and grounding PB pantograph is distinguished by an automatic recovering system of the mast, its final part. This system operates automatically when the pantograph gets closed. Afterward there are no more manual operations requested.
As standard equipment it is offered a manual winch, to help the fitting and the dismounting of the pantograph, and a display in the basket to show the detected measurements. It is possible to buy a display with bigger dimensions: it will be fitted at the side of the pantograph which allows workers from ground to read it. One of the system that makes this object very special and of great interest for specialist workers is the inductive blade. This blade allows to measure even the lateral deviation of the lines and to record all the vertical and horizontal data in relation with the position of the machine thanks to the GPS.
It is possible to have 2 different blades, large and narrow (1900-1600mm) and change the resistance of the compressed-air spring (5-50 kg).

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