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In order to be competitive, to obtain new success, to try to become the main actor in the market is necessary to renovate, to find new solutions always more performing.And Platform Basket continues to bet on spiders range, that is one of its productive pillars.

A line totally dedicated to tracked aerial working platforms, that allowed the company to become one of the leader in the international lifting market.

Platform Basket spiders range offers a wide range of machines from 12 to 48 meters working height, built to operate safely in any field: building construction, urban planning, redevelopment, window cleaning, tree care industry...

The Italian company will be an exhibitor at Apex 2017: at the stand in indoor area n. 650 there will be all the updated and improved PB spider range.

All the investments and the efforts of Platform Basket staff are addressed to research more versatility of the machine in use, more eco-friendly solutions and the development of the range.

There is a big news for one of the best-selling Platform basket product, Spider 22.10 (22m working height): from now it is possible to equip it with interchangeable winch (max load capacity: 250 kg).

We are very receptive to market trends and this new option makes spider 22.10 more versatile, reacting to the great request in industrial/agricultural field to be able to lift heavy loads in total safety.

The same optional is available also for Spider 27.14, the last model of PB spider range.

Spider 22.10 is an articulated boom with double pantograph and flying Jib for greater flexibility, a lightweight and easily transportable aerial work platform.

In the new EVO version, Spider 22.10 has more power and less weight, with 230 kg basket capacity.
Spider 22.10 has variable tracks width for extra stability while travelling, radio-controlled proportional and simultaneous controls, hydraulic cage rotation 90+90 degree and automatic outreach control system.

Platform Basket is investing in “green” solutions and new technologies, deciding to propose any models powered by ION lithium battery pack, in substitution of the more common lead acid batteries.

This option offers a lot of benefit in ecological terms, but also other advantages.

The lithium technology gives great usage flexibility and reduces the total ownership costs, thanks to its 3000 cycles lifespan, being maintenance free and allowing opportunity fast charging to increase the daily available energy. It has no need of topping up or periodical checks.

Having no gas emissions, these batteries are suited for any space. They may be charged at any place with maximum safety.

Thanks to their high efficiency energy costs and CO2 emissions are reduced.

PB technical staff is also working on a big news: Spider 30 T, a new telescopic boom (30 m working height) with a cage capacity of 230 kg

PB staff will wait for you at Apex 2017, STAND 650, with all the spider range.

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