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Platform Basket is a specialist in the design, manufacturing and sale of aerial lifts. Our “spider” boom lifts are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy and guaranteed to be highly reliable, incorporating solutions at the cutting edge of technology. We use a widespread sales network to support our marketing and sale of aerial working lifts, backed up by a professional and continually upgraded technical support service.

Platform Basket offers an unrivalled range of boom lifts products globally recognised for their versatility, ease of use and reliability.
Platform Basket has also simultaneously developed a boom lift for combined road/railway use, offered and certified by Europe’s leading railway authorities.


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Self propelled platform

Platform Basket offers a vast range of aerial working platforms for various and diverse work applications. Articulated or telescopic self-propelled lifts for construction sites; electric self-propelled lifts for indoor or railway maintenance use: Platform Basket has a solution for any need. The success behind Platform Basket and its self-propelled platforms can be described in just three words: SAFETY, QUALITY and SERVICE.

Tracked electric platform

The whole Platform Basket range is also available in the all-electric version.
Platform Basket’s electric platforms are quiet and compact. They offer excellent mobility capabilities and easy, zero-emission operation, even for indoor maintenance work. The powerful electric motor and long-life batteries make Platform Basket spider lifts an effective choice for reaching high elevations in complete safety.

Tracked lift

Platform Basket’s tracked self-propelled lifts come with working heights from 12 to 43 metres, extendible tracks, and simple and intuitive controls. Thanks to their rubber tracks, these aerial platforms can move easily in confined spaces or hard-to-reach points. The versatile use of our tracked spider lifts is one of the main reasons they exist, making them an excellent choice for pruning, maintenance, painting and any other work that ordinary platforms would make impossible.

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