An excellent ally for construction site work: Spider 33.15

The Spider 33.15 is widely known as a reliable, compact platform that is easy to manoeuvre without operator, and it is an excellent ally at construction sites.

The Platform Basket Spider 33.15 is a tracked self-propelled articulated platform with telescopic booms, ground clearance height of 17 metres to overcome obstacles and side outreach of up to 15 metres.

It offers operators the possibility to do negative work up to -6m, thanks to the articulation of the double telescopic boom.

The radio control for automatic drive and stabilization movements allows for simple and intuitive use in a condition of complete safety.

The extendible crawler track with exclusive Platform Basket system provides impressive manoeuvrability, ensuring agility and stability over any surface condition. This offers construction operators the guarantee of versatile and safe operation on any terrain.

The platform is ultra-light and easy to transport, and in the stowed position, offers minimum width with basket rotated.