Italy’s top hire specialist Minoege chooses the Platform Basket Spider 43 T

To verify and analyse the peculiarities of our tracked self-propelled platform Spider 43 T up close, we had the support of Minoege, an aerial platform and crane hire specialist based in the Venice-province town of Santo Stino di Livenza and in this business since 1991. The platform – painted in Minoege’s traditional yellow colour instead of Platform Basket’s red – was used by the company for hoisting work and implementation of an Iliad Italia radio station in Campo San Martino (Padova province).

Platform Basket’s Spider 43 T tracked self-propelled platform features all-automatic stabilization and boom auto-stow and is equipped with radio control and two-speed drive selection. This model stands out for its extremely simple maintenance, the on-board diagnostics display and its multi-sectional telescopic boom, for enhanced extension and retraction speed at height.

Just like the rest of Platform Basket’s tracked self-propelled platforms in the 12- to 40-metre range, the Spider 43 T is equipped with extendible crawler tracks and simple and intuitive controls. This aerial platform is incredibly stable and, at the same time, easily transportable. These characteristics plus a compact size that allows its use in narrow spaces, make it a good choice for those involved in jobs like tree trimming and pruning, maintenance work, painting and/or any other work at a height that is hard to reach with a normal platform.

Thanks to the mentioned rubber tracks, this aerial platform can move easily in confined spaces or hard-to-reach points. In addition, sturdy stabilizers make aerial work extremely stable and safe.

The versatile use of our tracked platforms is one of the main reasons they exist.

This concept has led Platform Basket to develop a lifting accessory that is especially suited for light loads, as an alternative to the person basket. Features such as simple unhooking and re-hooking of the aerial basket and remote control made it possible for the company’s engineers to develop an extremely compact, all-hydraulic lifting winch with a 350 kg capacity and wound cable length that makes lifting material up roofs, building floors and any other situation at a height easy. For hire specialists, there is the possibility of getting platforms winch-ready and purchasing the kit separately, that way it can be used across various platforms as needed.