At work with Spider 27.14

We followed a Spider 27.14 tracked self-propelled aerial platform on a typical day at work.

Today, a Spider 27.14, owned by the company Ruini Noleggio, was hired by La Verde, a Parma-based cleaning business.

La Verde, a well-known company in its field, offers customers a vast range of services. It has been in business for 45 years, employs very skilled personnel and is very picky when it comes to choosing the products it works with.

Amedeo Cornacchione, owner of the company, needed an aerial platform to help him clean the curtain wall of a residential complex.

He chose Platform Basket’s Spider 27.14 because “the cleaning work on this particular curtain wall is really very challenging due to its position, which presents several obstacles.

We need a platform with an outreach of more than 12 metres and, at the same time, mounting a small and versatile basket, because we have to fit into the building’s inner court to work on the glass wall.”

We were there when the fiery red Spider 27.14 arrived and watched how it helped the customer perform the job safely throughout the day.

We noticed how its compact size allowed it to work in very confined spaces and how thanks to its rubber tracks, it had no problem moving in narrow areas.

Equipped with robust booms, the operations at height were incredibly stable, plus the intuitive on-board fittings accelerated the movements.

At the end of the operations, this is how Cornacchione summarised the day with Platform Basket’s Spider 27.14:

“Thanks to Platform Basket’s Spider 27.14 and its incredibly mobile basket, we were able to fit in perfectly. And we got the job done without the need to hire scaffolding, which would have made the price more expensive for the customer and less competitive.”