Spider 15.75 at work in Perù

A Platform Basket Spider 15.75 was hired from our official dealer in Peru, Limpie Solution, by a large company in the electric power and solar energy field.

The platform is easy to use and an excellent choice for hire, thanks to the simple and intuitive on-board fittings.

The platform is the ideal solution for maintenance and solar energy specialists because of its characteristics, including metal covers for total protection of exposed components, well-protected stabilizers, basket attachment system designed to avoid obstructing space underneath the basket, and the versatility of use provided by the jib, with no restrictions at full load.

In this platform, the extendible crawler track undercarriage guarantees total stability, also in an even smaller package, thanks to its narrow-width capability (780 mm).
The extendible crawler track undercarriage also offers the added advantage of increased clearance between the chassis and ground in the wider condition, allowing it to operate easily on unpaved surfaces and climb inclines greater than 15%.

It delivers reliability and safety and can be easily towed with a trailer especially adapted by Platform Basket to the machine.