Cilloni Verde chooses Platform Basket

Just recently, we performed a site inspection at Pieve di Guastalla (Reggio Emilia – Italy) to admire three Platform Basket aerial platforms in action – the Spider 27.14, Spider 13.80 and Spider 22.10 – purchased by the Cilloni company. They were being used in the courtyard of the music school, now undergoing restructuring and seismic retrofitting, for maintenance work of the green space and trimming of three 20-metre-high plane trees.

The Spider 27.14 was the perfect match for this work, our articulated telescopic platform with double scissor mechanism able to reach a working height of 27 metres with a total weight of just 5000 kg. With one operator working in the basket (136 kg), the Spider 27.14 has an outreach of up to 14.4 metres; with 230 kg in the basket, the maximum reach is 12.7 metres.

The Spider 27.14 is extremely compact and in the stowed position, it only needs an 88-cm-wide space, which means it can pass through a standard domestic door.
Stabilization is all-automatic and the side outreach is also automatically handled over the 360-degree range of motion, based on the load in the basket and the stabilization mode.

The Spider 27.14 is the platform designed to meet the market demand for compact and high-performing platforms.

In this beautiful setting, we admired the mastery of Cilloni’s operators as they went about doing the needed maintenance work with the help of Platform Basket’s tracked spiders.