After-sales training, remote diagnostics and spare parts

As part of a continued and professional relationship, the quality of our service to the customer must and will always be a prime mover.


Platform Basket initially structured its organization with the necessary attention to the training of its own sales network. This initially involved its own technicians from the design and development department, and then personnel specifically trained to carry out training activities both internally and directly at dealerships.


A remote diagnostics system for the platform is currently being developed in order to further improve the quality of the after-sales service for the customer.


The replacement of parts is now organized in such a way as to allow the dealer to easily identify the spare parts, allowing them to order the parts to be shipped in a very short timeframe simply by writing to us. A dedicated warehouse operator and an extremely well stocked warehouse allow most requests to be dealt with very quickly.

Reliability and professionalism

at the highest levels

at the highest levels

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