Platform Basket

Leading aerial working platform manufacturer since 2005

Platform Basket came into being at the end of 2005 after the acquisition of an existing aerial work platform fabricator. Today, it is one of the largest aerial platform manufacturers in Italy.
Boasting a staff with field-specific knowledge, the company quickly identified the product range in which to invest its resources: tracked self-propelled aerial working platform for use inside and outside buildings.

The company’s philosophy continues to be that of developing reliable and technologically-advanced products that are especially comfortable.
This goal, which is a constant in our production, together with our attentiveness to our customers’ needs, have enabled us to grow internationally and earn the respect and trust of the industry.

Several years after starting on this path, Platform Basket now boasts an unrivalled range of products globally recognised for versatility, ease of use and reliability. Platform Basket has also simultaneously developed a product for combined road/railway use, entering an extremely selective and stringent sector in terms of regulatory requirements and safety.

Now recommended and certified by the leading railway authorities in Europe, the company enjoys the recognition of an exclusive niche market with a product that is especially suited for construction and maintenance of electric railway lines.

Research and development raised to the highest power

Platform Basket devotes great attention to the control of its entire manufacturing process.

Today’s product is the result of a special focus from management, which directs its production strategies towards technologically advanced solutions.

Being part of a holding company which also owns a structural steelwork firm
(TMC Srl) with over 40 years’ experience, has allowed the creation of welded structures using extremely reliable robotic processes.

The experience gained in this field has allowed Platform Basket’s engineers to make use of a unique combination of experience and technology to which they would not otherwise have had access.

This successful design and production synergy then led management to acquire a company specialized in the creation of electrical systems in the mobile sector. This further choice has proven to be essential in terms of flexibility in the construction of our products and the acquisition and exchange of know-how.

Although recently acquired, QBM Srl is already working full time on Platform Basket’s electrical installations and electronic systems.
No less interesting in the context of the process is the system of storage and collection of materials, all strictly stored in vertical storage systems which are controlled directly by IT systems. This allows only the operatives to pick the materials and supply them to the lines for the model being produced.

From steel to the finished product

For Platform Basket, quality and reliability underlie every design criteria.

Platform Basket is an Italian manufacturer of aerial work platform that has earned a reputation for reliability, safety, performance, quality and ease of use. Platform Basket products are always at the cutting edge and ever evolving.

Attention to customers’ needs, constant support and prompt feedback whenever needed are the steadfast values that drive the staff of the spider platform manufacturer. At Platform Basket, competitiveness, quality and service are the goals of today.

And to be the indisputable market leader, the goal of the future.

Quality and Certifications

Platform Basket’s quality system is certified to ISO 9001. All aerial work platforms are certified compliant with the EN 280 European standard and with most international standards, ensuring their suitability for sale and use in the destination countries.

Approval in Canada, the U.S.A, Australia, Korea and Russia are an example.

In the railway sector, the RAIL ROAD 14 aerial work platform received approval in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France and Australia, as well as approval through the Italian national railway body.

Further approvals are pending, which will allow sales in most countries around the world.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015