High level of Quality controls and Certifications

As soon as we began to reflect on the production of platforms for aerial work in the railway sector, we realised that we would need to design a product with multiple configurations in order to allow it to be certified for full compliance with the various regulations in force around the world.

In the railway sector, the RAIL ROAD 14 aerial work platform received approval in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France and Australia, as well as approval through the Italian national railway body.

Certifications obtained

EN 280:2015
EN 15746 1&2
AS/NZ 1418:2011
AS/RISSB 7502:2016
RIS 1530/6
TDOK 0002
SNCF NF F 58002
RIL 931.0003 DB Netz

Further approvals are pending, which will allow sales in most countries around the world.