RR 9/200

Working height: 9.5 mBasket capacity: 200 Kg

Working height: 9.5 mBasket capacity: 200 Kg

Diesel engine + AC electric motor

AC electric motor + DC electric motor

Trailer Transport

Diesel engine + AC electric motor

AC electric motor + DC electric motor

Trailer Transport

Compact, robust and versatile for aerial railway maintenance work.

  • 200 kg basket working load
  • 9.50 m working height
  • 4.70 m side outreach
  • Two-man basket
  • Self-levelling platform on railway bends (CANT)
  • Independent drive transmission on crawler tracks & rail wheels
  • Diesel Kubota engine, 10.5 kW
  • Towable on regular 3.5 Ton GVW trailers
  • Removable and interchangeable basket

The new RR9/200 is the small boom lift recently developed by Platform Basket in order to make aerial railway maintenance extremely easy.

The product was designed with the goal of offering an extremely light and compact piece of equipment that can be transported by road trailers with a maximum total weight of 3.5 tons and capable of working on railways up to a working height of 9.5m with 200kg payload and two people on board. The RR9/200 rail boom lift offers the possibility of having a self-propelled platform for both rail and civil aerial work. The equipment can be transported to the work site using a pick-up or van with tow hook and a light trailer that can be driven without an HGV licence.

The structure of the RR9/200 rail boom lift is composed of a tracked base carriage for road and off-road use offering excellent grip under any ground condition, together with a low specific load specifically designed for mobility over the delicate floors of railway stations.
The base carriage also offers a system of 2 hydraulically controlled carriages that allow the transfer of the machine from tracks to railway wheels.
The real advantage of this base carriage, however, is the hydraulic rotation of the tracks perpendicular to the 2 railway bogies, which allows easy access to the railway without the need for special alignment manoeuvres.

The transmission features independent drive wheels both for the control of the tracked undercarriage and for the transmission on railway wheels. Each railway drive wheel has a negative brake to guarantee braking of the equipment under all conditions when power is not present. In combination with a two-speed system, the RR9/200 rail boom lift can be used at a speed of up to 10km/h on the railways.

The power is delivered by a 10.5 kW diesel engine.
On request, it can also be equipped with lithium-ion batteries for fully electric operation in order to make the equipment suitable for use in tunnels, underground railways and inside buildings such as sheds, stations, etc.

The upper structure is composed of a 360° rotating turret with automatic levelling of the basket even in the presence of a rail cant of up to 180mm with a 1435mm gauge.

Its articulated arms make it extremely compact and suitable for entering and leaving the railway even in the presence of a road open to traffic.
The all-aluminium aerial basket offers sufficient working space to accommodate up to 2 people on board (200kg).
Through a sequence of copper braids of 35 mm2 CSA, located between the various joints of the platform, equipotential is guaranteed between the operator basket and the railway track to ensure the safety of personnel on board in the event of electric spikes.

Main uses:

  • Civil applications – thanks to its limited weight and ground pressure, the machine is a good choice for maintenance work on railway station platform roofs.
  • Access to rails, for light maintenance work such as on warning signs, lighting and the electrical line.
  • In tunnels and underground railways, for general maintenance inside buildings, such as stations. Equipped with lithium-ion batteries for clean zero-emissions energy.

The 90-degree rotation of the crawler tracks makes it possible to instantly go from railway to road logistics.

Road movement can be controlled in either one of two ways: on board or using the convenient mobile console worn by the ground operator.

Ergonomic control module allows for easy use with joystick, levers and an intuitive display. With the RR/9, working will feel like play.

Flexibility from railway use to ground maintenance. The compact RR/9 makes it possible to arrive anywhere, even through narrow passageways.

Anemometer (on request) to monitor the wind speed and alert when it reaches the allowable limit (45km/h)

Remote diagnostics and geolocation (on request) On-board device enabling the remote control of the platform by personnel in charge of its efficiency.

Related accessories

The world we live in today demands spider lifts that can work in multiple conditions. This is why, to meet customers’ specific needs, we optimised a series of accessories. In addition, our technical department is available to study and develop other accessories and customised options according to the customer’s requirements and expectations.

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