What makes us unique in the market

Technology and innovation for the highest performance.


Unique self-propelled aerial work platforms for the railway sector, specifically designed and built for this purpose.

The numerous platform models sold in the railway sector are derived from industrial platforms which are then converted to railway use.

Platform Basket, in compliance with sector standards, designs equipment with native technological content for the intended use, researching ways to optimise the weight distribution, control the working area, and monitor the operational data via a “black box”, all in absolute safety and in a reliable way for the operators in the basket.

Innovation (RR9)

Adoption of track rotation system on the small RR9/200 model which can be transported on trailers.

This innovative rotation system of the tracked carriage via remote control ensures complete machine safety when entering and leaving the railway, and great ease of positioning it on the railway tracks.

In just a few minutes it is possible to offload the platform from the road transport trailer and position it on the railway tracks, even without an access platform.

Automatic Levelling

A smart automatic levelling solution for the upper structure in relation to the cant of the bend.

This solution, adopted by Platform Basket more than a decade ago, is still one of our main selling points.

The system allows the operatives in the basket to work on any track cant condition (up to a grade of 8°) with the basket always horizontal levelled.

Lithium Batteries

An ever-greater focus is being placed on technology to fight pollution, both noise pollution and emissions from internal combustion engines.

Platform Basket has, for some years now, been encouraging the users of its equipment to adopt hybrid or even fully electric systems.
Lithium-ion (LiFePo4) battery technology has allowed a significant performance increase with reduced weight, and above all with constant use of the battery as the level of charge varies.

The RR14/400 and RR19/500 models are currently offered in hybrid versions, thus guaranteeing optimum operation in any situation of use.
The new compact RR9 model, on the other hand, boasts a fully electric solution which allows it to be used in any situation with low noise levels and zero tailpipe emissions.