Safe, lightweight, compact and much, much more...

Discover the advantages that have contributed to the success of our machines.

Compact Size

Platforms designed to reach work areas impossible to reach by any other person-lifting device.


Extra-lightweight platforms make it possible to work in rough terrain or industrial building floors.

Excellent Grip On The Ground

Designed with extendible tracks, the platforms apply low pressure to the ground while ensuring an excellent grip in any terrain condition, whether soft, delicate, sandy or covered with snow.

Mobility Over Any Obstacle

The geometry of these platforms makes stabilization possible in the vast majority of scenarios with obstacles.


Dual-powered platforms to allow zero-emission use inside buildings.


No more risk of falling from heights for people carrying out tree maintenance, façade cleaning, or house and building painting work. Speediness and safety.


The platforms can be towed; no highway code restrictions apply.

Stability And Comfort

The manoeuvrability of the platform allows its positioning in close proximity to the work area, for stable and comfortable aerial work.