Aerial working platforms for façade and curtain wall cleaning

Using Platform Basket industrial aerial working platforms can considerably simplify building façade cleaning.
Platform Basket spider boom lifts are also suitable for set-up on delicate floors and soft terrain.
In the stowed position, spider lifts can easily access narrow spaces and, thanks to the crawler track undercarriage, move up steep slopes (stairs, ramps, etc.).
Thus, versatility, which is the distinctive mark of Platform Basket products, opens up a full range of applications in a sector where flexibility is a requirement.

The operator is able to reach considerable heights in complete safety, working from a basket that ensures an excellent level of comfort and can accommodate the needed tools to clean the façade or curtain wall.
The basket also includes air, water and power outlets, within easy reach.
Platform Basket spiders allow fast movement from one place to another and because they have no externally mounted hoses, there is no risk of them getting caught and causing accidents that could lead to damage to things or the machine itself.

At work in the contruction site

The Spider 33.15 is widely known as a reliable, compact platform that is easy to manoeuvre without operator, and it is an excellent ally at construction sites.

Safe curtain wall cleaning

We followed a Spider 27.14 tracked self-propelled aerial platform on a typical day at work.