Aerial working platforms for interior maintenance

In its pursuit for more eco-friendly solutions, Platform Basket has decided to also offer electric power with lithium-ion batteries, in place of the more common lead batteries. In addition to the obvious benefits for the environment, this new source of power brings other advantages. First, it reduces the volume of the battery pack because in the same volume of space, a lithium-ion battery pack can deliver twice the run time of lead batteries. What’s more, for the same energy, it weighs three times less, significantly reducing the platform’s overall weight.
Second, lithium batteries have a life that is five times that of lead batteries and periodic maintenance is not required.

The Platform Basket Spider aerial working platforms range also offers on-board selection of the charging power level depending on the availability of the electricity supply. To ensure movements at a regular speed, the spiders of the Emilia Romagna-based company are equipped with an inverter that maintains the torque constant as the motor speed changes. In addition, lithium-ion battery-powered equipment can be used inside any environment. In fact, gas emissions are absent in lithium batteries, making it possible to recharge the platform safely anywhere in the establishment. Noise pollution is also notably cut down.

Moreover, thanks to their compact size, Platform Basket spiders can move in small spaces and at the same time offer extremely stable and safe use. In fact, the absence of externally mounted hoses prevents them from getting caught and causing damage to things or the machine. Platform Basket spiders can also be fitted with non-marking tracks for mobility over delicate surfaces.

At work in the contruction site

The Spider 33.15 is widely known as a reliable, compact platform that is easy to manoeuvre without operator, and it is an excellent ally at construction sites.

Maintenance at Raja Bhoj Airport

Only few days ago Maco Corporation, the official Platform Basket dealer for India, delivered a full electric Spider 27.14, to the Raja Bhoj Airport, the primary airport serving Bhopal, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Safe curtain wall cleaning

We followed a Spider 27.14 tracked self-propelled aerial platform on a typical day at work.

Spiders don’t fear pruning work

Just recently, we performed a site inspection at Pieve di Guastalla (Reggio Emilia - Italy) to admire three Platform Basket aerial platforms in action - the Spider 27.14, Spider 13.80 and Spider 22.10 - purchased by the Cilloni company.