Aerial working platforms for wall painting work

Safety, stability, precision movements, and versatility: these are the requisites that make Platform Basket “spider” lifts an excellent choice for painting high walls.

Platform Basket platforms are entirely designed and made in Italy and deliver solutions and safety at the cutting edge of technology.

Spider lifts have evolved exponentially over the last few years. They have gone from being plain machines designed to lift a person to a certain height to becoming a concentration of technologies required to deliver lightness, capacity and outreach, which are essential in wall painting jobs.
The Reggio Emilia-based company strives to develop solutions that optimise these aspects with the intent of offering increasingly versatile machines. The use of radio control on all models and the application of a lifting winch that can be interchanged with the basket in some versions are two examples of this.

At work in the contruction site

The Spider 33.15 is widely known as a reliable, compact platform that is easy to manoeuvre without operator, and it is an excellent ally at construction sites.

Safe curtain wall cleaning

We followed a Spider 27.14 tracked self-propelled aerial platform on a typical day at work.