Aerial working platforms for hiring

Platform Basket spider lifts are very versatile and incorporate high-level technology. They allow you to work in total safety, even in particular places such as historic parks and common areas in apartment complexes.

The machines are extremely intuitive and systems are all effectively guarded.

They are stable and easy-to-manoeuvre spider lifts that are perfect for hire. Over the years, these platforms have proven to be excellent for getting the job done thanks to their compact size and ability to move in small spaces or hard-to-access areas, thanks to their rubber tracks. Various operations are automated in Platform Basket aerial working platforms (e.g. auto-stabilization; auto-tow of aerial parts, etc.). They come with an intuitive display for machine self-diagnostics, to help operators when they are doing maintenance and repair work on the machine.

Products of excellence for hire specialists

The prestigious Modena-based hire specialist, MB MENABUE SRL, has decided to put its trust in the Platform Basket spider range, choosing its most representative model: the SPIDER 18.90 PRO.

Safe curtain wall cleaning

We followed a Spider 27.14 tracked self-propelled aerial platform on a typical day at work.

Safe operation with Spider 15.75

A Platform Basket Spider 15.75 was hired from our official dealer in Peru, Limpie Solution, by a large company in the electric power and solar energy field.

Implementation of a radio station with Spider 43T

Italy’s top hire specialist Minoege chooses the Platform Basket Spider 43 T

What’us up in the hire world? Spiders!

Nolo Servizi 2000 chose Platform Basket again, expanding its large and diverse fleet of machines with a Spider 13.80 and a Spider 33.15.