Self propelled spiders for construction

Compact, safe, versatile and simple: these are the words that distinguish Platform Basket’s “spider” range of aerial working platforms and the characteristics that make them an excellent ally at construction sites. Platform Basket’s “spiders” enable operators to drive through tight, narrow spaces to access work areas. Being lightweight, it can work on surfaces that have a low ability to withstand the load exerted on them (building floors, church floors, etc.)

Thanks to their crawler track undercarriage, spiders can move easily in uneven terrain, offering excellent stability. This characteristic makes Platform Basket self-propelled spider lifts the perfect choice for construction sites.
The experience Platform Basket has accrued in the international market has led the company to develop models that are very simple to use and well-protected from falling objects. All models are equipped with combustion engine and electric motor. Sturdy booms make aerial work extremely stable and safe.

At work in the contruction site

The Spider 33.15 is widely known as a reliable, compact platform that is easy to manoeuvre without operator, and it is an excellent ally at construction sites.