Tracked spider lift for tree care and green space maintenance

Platform Basket’s Spider range is a line of tracked spider lifts that has propelled the Emilia Romagna-based company to the forefront as one of the top companies in the international aerial platform market. Platform Basket spider lifts cover different working heights, ranging from 12 to 45 metres.
They are equipped with extendible tracks and simple and intuitive controls. They are stable and, at the same time, easy-to-transport platforms. These characteristics, together with a compact size that allows their use in small spaces, allow you to get the job done in places that are hard to reach with a normal platform, as in the case of tree care and gardening work.

At Platform Basket, our investments and efforts have been directed towards the search for greater use versatility, for more eco-friendly solutions, and towards expanding our range.
We offer radio control on all models and application of lifting winches that can be interchanged with the basket.

Platform Basket spider platforms ensure safe operation thanks to the absence of externally mounted hoses. This prevents them from getting caught and causing damage to things or the machine.

Spiders don’t fear pruning work

Just recently, we performed a site inspection at Pieve di Guastalla (Reggio Emilia - Italy) to admire three Platform Basket aerial platforms in action - the Spider 27.14, Spider 13.80 and Spider 22.10 - purchased by the Cilloni company.

At work in Villa Malaspina Park, in Gualtieri (RE)

The Spider 13.80 in action for plant trimming and pruning work.