What makes us unique in the market

Technology and innovation for the highest performance.

Lithium Batteries

Continuous research into performance and attention towards the environment and the impact of pollution have led Platform Basket to develop, in collaboration with one of the top Italian companies in the field, a power supply system based on lithium-ion technology, considered today the best in terms of price-performance ratio. The company is now able to offer this technology in every one of its tracked self-propelled platforms.


Excellent use of the total battery capacity, up to 80% of their nominal capacity

Reduced weight, weighing up to 33% less than lead-acid batteries while offering the same capacity

Rapid charging, up to 5 times the battery capacity (3C)

Charging option with single-phase 230Vac/110Vac battery charger

High cyclic charge and discharge efficiency Even under harsh conditions, the batteries ensure from 2,000 to 5,000 charge cycles, up to 5 times that of traditional batteries

Limited self-discharge rate when not in use (max. 5%/month)

Charge and discharge equalisation controller for optimised life cycles and protection even over very long periods of inactivity.

Being dry-cell, they are maintenance-free

Together with the above performance features, this technology makes it possible for our tracked self-propelled platforms to be used in densely-populated urban areas, where polluting emissions are no longer permitted. The system offers silent operation thanks to electric single-phase brushless motors driven by INVERTERS. This allows their use at any time during the day without disturbing the population.

On a final note, Platform Basket has invested and continues to invest its resources towards seeking continuous performance improvements and lighter electric self-propelled platforms. We are convinced that as environmental awareness grows, more and more countries throughout the world will be demanding non-polluting equipment.

Lifting Winch

Platforms designed to reach work areas impossible to reach by any other person-lifting device.

The versatile use of our tracked spider platforms is one of the main reasons they exist.
This concept has led to the development of a lifting accessory that is especially suited for light loads, as an alternative to the person basket.

Features such as simple unhooking and re-hooking of the aerial basket and RADIO remote control made it possible for Platform Basket engineers to develop an extremely compact, all-hydraulic, remote controlled lifting winch with a wound cable length that easily allows lifting material up roofs, building floors and any other situation at a height.

The device consists of a pre-assembled winch kit – including all the safety devices required under current standards – that through a simple connection pin, enables the platform to recognise the device and allow its safe use.

A single operator simply removes the basket from the platform and brings in the wheeled cart for the quick connection. Then, through an electric connector and a couple of quick couplings, connects it to the platform.

The radio remote control provides the operator full visibility while handling the load just like a crane. For hire specialists, there is the possibility of getting platforms winch-ready and purchasing the kit separately, that way it can be used across various platforms as needed.

Diagnostics and geolocation

Designed with extendible tracks, the platforms apply low pressure to the ground while ensuring an excellent grip in any terrain condition, whether soft, delicate, sandy or covered with snow.

The continuous evolution of INTERNET data transmission systems and the continuous development of voice communication systems (smartphone, tablets) have made man/machine communication accessible across distances once thought impossible with conventional systems.

Today, platforms come with electronic control systems that operate via digital transmission. Data can be easily conveyed via the INTERNET, meaning you can now run diagnostics online, even from the comfort of your office.

This has led Platform Basket to develop this type of platform diagnostics and monitoring system in collaboration with firms specialized in manipulation and management of data coming from on-board electronic control units.

The platforms will be equipped with a data transmission device that uses a SIM card to transfer the information to a CLOUD server which, according to the different access levels, will make it possible to receive platform operation data in real time.

Needless to say, the device will integrate geolocation; basic data will also be available on smartphones and tablets. The purpose is to ensure the platform is operating efficiently, informing in advance about possible functional issues, next scheduled maintenance, location, and time of operation.

This development will also enable us to offer on-line support packages through specialized centres. In this case, the platform’s valuable technical/functional data will help decide the best route to solve the issue.

Fibreglass; protectsagainst high voltages

No more risk of falling from heights for people carrying out tree maintenance, façade cleaning, or house and building painting work. Speediness and safety.

Platform Basket has always been very interested in meeting the demands of niche and highly innovative markets. In collaboration with its American dealer, Tracked Lifts Inc., it recently developed an articulated tracked self-propelled platform model that is extra-compact in size and provides insulation against voltages as high as 46,000 volts.

The project got under way in 2017 and aims to offer a tracked self-propelled platform for work near live power lines. This is a pressing need in the United States that has enabled Platform Basket to bring to market an articulated platform featuring fibreglass-coated steel booms.

In service since early 2019, the model is mainly designed for tree trimming and pruning jobs, even in off-road areas and near power lines, so that the on-board operator and ground personnel can work safely and protected against electric discharges.

The platform is peculiar because it is completely insulated both at the top and bottom, thus allowing those near the base of the machine to operate safely as well. The platform has no electrical cables and hydraulic components that could act as conductors through the booms.

The platform is controlled from the basket via a radio control system plus an exclusive hydraulic system inside the telescopic element provides hydraulic lines for hydraulically-powered tools (e.g. saw, in the case of tree trimming jobs).
The platform is currently being sold and is ANSI compliant and approved.