Testing in Australia our #RR14EVO3 with the Monitor Specialised Lifts team and our engineer Nicola Lai.

RR 14 EVO 3 :
is equipped with 4 wheels steering and the possibility to select 3 different ways of steering

is provided with 2 displays for the diagnostic, one fitted in the ground’s control panel and one on the basket. 

It gets quick couplings in order to supply hydraulic tools or services, an enhanced fuel tank of 55 lt and it is prearranged for fitting the axle for narrow gauge and for fitting the measuring pantograph.

The translation’s speed is increased: on tracks, thanks to the improved hydraulic circuit, it is possible to reach 19 km/h.

RR 14 EVO 3 offers several options, as the insulation systems for the steel wheels, the multiple railway gauge and the pantograph for measuring and for grounding.